Getting Involved

We want to engage and inspire you to make 2018 special and to help celebrate our grandmaster In Hyuk Suh’s life, dedication and his leadership of  Kuk Sool Won™ over the past 60 years. You can get involved by:

Telling us all your special stories which shows how you have supported diversity, the less abled, raising money for charity and other extraordinary events

Raise money from charity events, donations and individual support and donate this money on our special crowd funding website.

Encourage corporate sponsors to visit our sponsorship packages

Try and gain letters of support from VIP’s, individuals, parents etc. which will include talking about the benefits of  Kuk Sool Won™.

Speak to SBN Andy to see how you can get involved.

60 years of Kuk Sool Won

2018 is a very special year for Kuk Sool Won™ as we celebrate our 60 year anniversary. KukSaNim wants this year to be a very special year and is encouraging everyone in the Kuk Sool family to help make it really spectacular.

Please follow this link to see how you and your school can get involved. I know here at KSW Sevenaoks we wil be.