Kuk Sool Won 

UK Tournament 24/25 November 2017.

The UK  Tournament is coming up fast. For those that are interested in competing you need to download the form and hand it into SBN Andy Lapham, with your entry fee as soon as possible (all details are on the form)

If you are unsure or nervous about competing speak to SBN and explain why you are unsure or nervous. We have all been there, and its great fun.

Like all Kuk Sool Won events and tournaments, it is a great way to meet people that are following the same journey as you and catch up with the wonderful KSW family, as well as show what you have been practising.

But more important is to have fun and enjoy yourself.

The UK Tournament usually has over 800 competitors from all ages and all grades. It would be awesome if we could get as many poeple as possible from Sevenoaks up there with the bigger clubs.

Speak to SBN in the first instance and get your form in…. snooze, you loose!

Getting over 800 competitors together is no small task! There is a late booking fee if you don't get your forms and payment in time.